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Stronger, Smarter, Better - CORE!

At Core Possibilities we build better bodies, better minds and better attitudes all at the same time. We are a center for brain and body excellence.  The combination of strengthening academic and athletic foundations creates success that lasts a lifetime.

What the Experts Say

Research has proven that exercise has profound positive effects on the body, including reduced obesity, increased longevity, fewer illnesses, reduced recovery time from injuries and illnesses, decreased blood pressure and increased overall well-being. Less-known benefits of exercise include: increased growth of new brain cells, increased connectivity of brain cells, increased release of glucose (the brain’s fuel source) and increased release of important brain chemicals such as dopamine (the “Yahoo” happy chemical) and seratonin (the “ahhh” relaxation chemical).

It’s no wonder that Einstein said, “Nothing happens until something moves.” So let’s get moving!

Hope and Help

Core Possibilities began with a passion to help children reach their highest potential.  Getting kids off the couch, the computer and their favorite video games, while moving towards more engagement in the classrooms was the first step.  Developing a mindset of health and good nutrition, paired with sensory-core fitness activities and energized learning proved to be a winning combination.

The Next Step

Core Possibilities’ focus has now expanded to include prevention as well as reengineering.  It’s never too early to begin building healthy bodies and minds. Our goal is to provide enriching sensory- core classes and fitness training for toddlers to adults of all ability levels, in a fun, energizing environment. We offer quarterly academic enrichment programs including: home school classes for academics and physical education, writer’s workshops, Hand writing, math, reading, and spelling boot camps to move the already successful student even further ahead.

Mix it Up

The brain loves structure and routine, but it flourishes with novelty. If your student is already athletic and faring well academically, challenge him or her with something new. The addition or change to the current schedule of activities or home school curriculum will actually stimulate new neural growth! At Core Possibilities, you can expect new surprises and challenges. Our Jungle Gym and Vortex Gym change weekly, as do our academic energizers, to ensure you never hear the dreaded words, “I’m bored” or “Do we have to go today?”


As parents, we are always seeking opportunities to provide our children with the best possible future. It’s never too early or too late to help our children make the shift from the hyper-focused, multi-layered world of electronics to a deeper, more meaningful, healthier, brain friendly way of life that will lay a foundation of physical and mental wellness.

Core is the Greek word for “heart.” When working at the “heart” level, a foundational shift occurs that changes not only bodies and minds, but lives. Our staff, teachers, coaches, and trainers are not only brain and body experts but “heart” experts as well. Building a positive relationship with each student who joins our Core family is what we do best. Our goal is to create meaning and purpose and to challenge students of all ages to begin closing the gap between their current performance and their maximum potential.  Open your mind and “CORE” to the endless possibilities success has to offer.

What is Core Possibilities?

  • Extreme fun for kids that parents can feel good about
  • Field day every day
  • Smiles, celebrations and achievements
  • Interactive, hands-on learning
  • A home school supplement

Who should come to Core?

  • Kids whose parents want the best for them
  • Kids whose parents want them to be more active and spend more time with people
  • Kids who want learning to be fun and easier
  • Kids who like to be challenged or need a new challenge
  • Kids who want to move ahead
  • Kids who want to feel better about themselves
  • Kids who want to be stronger, smarter or better

What do kids do at Core?

  • Climb to greater heights on our rock walls
  • Spin on our astro boards
  • Dodge flying soccer shoes on the Wii Fit
  • Break the world’s record on the Interactive Metronome
  • Complete the woggler obstacle course
  • Find out what’s inside “Ned’s Head”
  • Scale the 18-foot rope wall
  • Balance on a Bosu
  • Play Multiplication Boot Camp Baseball
  • Publish a writer’s workshop article
  • Crawl through tunnels
  • Win a glider relay challenge
  • Learn to write without tears on our Promethean boards
  • Love learning and fitness

The fun possibilities are endless!

For more information or to tour our 4000-square-foot facility, visit us at 1224 Alice Drive, Sumter SC or call us at 803.469.CORE (2673).


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