MHD has expertise in all areas of thick film hybrid substrate printing.

18 GHz Interface Part

One of the specialty products we create at Micro Hybrid Dimensions is our 18 GHz interface part. Our interface part sports an ideal frequency for use in not only our RF/Microwave circuits, but also other thick film hybrid products that require high-frequency wavelengths.

Edge Wrap

Enhance your circuitry connections and bonds using our Edge Wrap. Ask us how this product can be utilized in your next thick film hybrid to provide optimal performance and reliability.


If you have a product that has much tighter spacing requirements than usual, MHD offers etched thick film substrates that are a preferred – and more cost effective – alternative to thin film. Find out if our etched substrates are the right choice for your needs.

Military Avionics

Military avionics have very specific thick film hybrid needs, which is why we provide products that are specially made for that industry. Contact us today to discover the full range of avionic-related thick film hybrids we offer.

Thick Film Heater

Our thick film heaters provide the utmost in temperature regulation and heat transfer. Used in a variety of applications, thick film heaters offer a useful and compact alternative to conventional heating components.

Solid Filled Via in Quartz

Solid filled vias are a popular way of providing electrical continuity between conductive layers. Our quartz vias can be used in a variety of applications, especially those that require a certain frequency or a low dielectric constant. Ask about our Solid Filled Vias in Quartz today!