Thick Film Hybrids


What is Thick Film Hybrid?

Thick film hybrid is a common alternative to a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Smaller, more robust and much more reliable than traditional PCBs, thick film hybrids can be utilized in a variety of commercial and industrial markets and applications.

How It Works?

Various resistive, conductive and insulating pastes are screen-printed and fired onto a substrate. This substrate can then be patterned to a specific value based upon a customer’s individual needs. This allows for much more precision and accuracy than PCBs, giving customers a more dependable, durable and cost effective option.

The Benefits of Thick Film Technology

There are many major benefits to choosing thick film hybrids, including:

  • Operates in a wider range of temperatures, including extreme heat
  • More efficient packaging due to its smaller size
  • Works in a variety of environments, such as under water and in sand
  • Resistant to vibration, moisture and corrosion
  • More security due to its smaller, more encapsulated components
  • More precise circuit calibration
  • Consistent testing throughout assembly, ensuring the product is accurate and available in a timely manner