MHD takes the exta steps with the following: Fast Turnaround on Prototypes, Design Recommendations, CAD Design From Boards & Schematics, Extensive R & D Expertise With Hybrids, Competitive Pricing, Quality to Commercial, Military, and Medical Standards, Flip Chip Mounting, Surface Mounting Technology, Chip on Board, Chip & Wire and Full Service Substrates thru Assembly.


    We have multiple design offerings that include everything from Edge-Arounds and Gold Multilayers to Nickel and Solder Plate Conductors; all of which allow us to provide a well-rounded and comprehensive design portfolio.

  • Edge-Arounds
  • Resistors Trimmed to 0.5% on Substrate or on Dielectric
  • Nickel and Solder Plated Conductors
  • Thick Film Capacitors Trim to 1%
  • Gold or Silver Multilayers
  • Through-Holes in Gold or Silver
  • Up To 8 Conductor layers
  • 5 mil printed geometry Standard
  • 3 Mil printed available

    There are a variety of choices when deciding how you want your finished thick film hybrid circuits to be processed and assembled. That’s why we offer several options from which to choose, including Laser Machining, Isolation Testing and Surface Mount Assembly. View our full list below to see which option is the best for your business.

  • Surface Mount Assembly
  • Laser Machining
  • Chip and Wire Assembly
  • Lapped Substrates
  • Continuity Probing
  • TCAD Design & Schematic conversion to Thick Film
  • Isolation Testing
  • Saw Dicing and Waffle Packing CAD Enhancement
  • Design Assistance
  • Design Manual

    The strength of thick film hybrid design and construction, choosing the right substrate for your product is essential in its reliability and effectiveness. We offer a variety of available substrates that have proven ideal for a several major industrial and commercial markets.

  • Up to 6 ” Sq.
  • Alumina-96% and 99.6%
  • Lapped or as-fired
  • Aluminum Nitride
  • Beryllia
  • Specialty Materials
  • Stainless Steel

    MHD offers many different conductor materials that can be customized to your project’s individual needs. From Gold to Platinum Palladium Silver, we’ll help you find the perfect conductor that best suites the requirements and necessities of your market or industry

  • Gold
  • Platinum Gold
  • Platinum Palladium Gold
  • Silver
  • Palladium Silver
  • Platinum Silver
  • Platinum
  • Platinum Palladium Silver
  • Polymer Copper & Silver5

    We strive to provide a thorough list that can be tailored to a customer or industry’s specific needs. View our full selection of current conductor types below.

  • 5 mil Standard
  • 1 mil Etched Optional
  • Weldable
  • Solderable
  • Wire bondable

    As with all our products, capabilities and services, we strive to offer an extensive list that our customers can take advantage of. Take a look at our current selection of standard resistors to see which would be a match for your thick film hybrid needs.

  • TCRs down to 50 ppm/ƒC Polymer Copper & Silver
  • Sheet Resistance from 0.1 Ohms to 100Meg Ohms

    Our overglazes provide an extra layer of protection for our thick film hybrid products that help ensure their durability and reliability.

  • Standard and acid resistant

    Depending on your temperature requirements, you may need to add a thick film hybrid heater to your final circuit. Our options help provide the best in thermal efficiency, heat transfer and temperature uniformity.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Ceramic

    Our range of specialty resistors are ideal for many thick film hybrid circuits that might have uncommon or unique purposes. View our list below to see which one of speciality resistors is needed for your next thick film hybrid. Not sure? Ask us!

  • Thermistors
  • NTC & PTC
  • Strain Gauge Resistors
  • GF=14-19

    As with our substrate capabilities, we also provide a selection of dielectrics that can be customized to the type of thick film hybrid circuit you need. Below you’ll find excellent dielectric materials that have been shown to offer the utmost in circuit insulation and encapsulation.

  • Polymer
  • High Temperature — 850°C
  • Capacitor k’s up to 10,000
  • Low k=4.5